Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Little Help From Friends

I was lying in bed last night thinking about the 23 Things. Yeah, I know better things to think about. But I realized how much my co-workers helped me. Hydee said don't quit when I was really disgusted and going to buy my own MP3. Kathy for helping me get organize and understand exactly what I was suppose to do and of course my closest co-worker who has helped me from day one of my employment. Thank you. Reading other blogs really helped too.

Thank You All Very Much !!!!!

Everyone Should See Hairspray

Test run for the Avatar

Monday, July 23, 2007

23. That's It

1. I thought setting up my own blog was fun. I didn't get into it very much because I figured who would want to read it. But I can see where it would be really good if you had family elsewhere and you blogged daily or every other day to stay in touch with them. Better than the annual Christmas letter you get with a card.
I espeacially liked the avatar. I thought the meez was the easiest and most fun to do. I got to pick hairstyle, dress, shoes, background and dance. She is on my blog dancing her little heart out.

2. I am never too old to learn and need to keep on the learning path. But I have found working at the library that I am constantly learning from my coworkers wether it is how to use a recipe, where to get my nails done or a little tidbit about ex-cel. Everyday brings something new.

3. An unexpected outcome was clicking on a widget in Merlin about the I-Phone. I learned some pretty colorful language but as Maurice pointed out that since I'm a biker I should not have been that surprised. But I was.

4. I thought it was pretty straight forward once someone helped me get started.

5. We'll the I-Pod helped.

6. The experience was fun, frustrating and brain teasing but I had a blast. Not that I can talk the talk but I have expanded my vocabulary.

22. Downloadable

If I am not mistaken I have downloaded a book to my computer. I hope it goes away in a few because I really do not want to read it. I am starting the Potter series from scratch so I can't listen one while reading another. It wasn't so hard I am really going to enjoy doing it again for a book I really want to read.

21.Podcasts. net

This can get you in a lot of trouble. You had to click away to get things downloaded so you could view a podcast. I got scared in the middle of all the clicking and xed out of it. I have so many things open on my computer that I'm surprised it is still running.

20.You Tube


I'm trying to bring All That here. Oh well.

I can't find anything about You Tube that I dislike. But unless I have specific reason to sit down and look for something I am not going to just sit and surf.